One of a kind art pieces created and signed by David Shapoff.

Using mixed media, he brings three dimensional pictures and sculptures to life.

All plates and sculptures are made of Polymer Clay, fired and finished (as Ceramics), and metalized in Bronze, Pewter, or Silver.

RELIEF – sculpture in which the figures or designs project from their background. In reliefs the figures are only partly modeled, but they give an illusion of being fully modeled.

STILL LIFE – picture of inanimate objects. In David Shapoff work still life breaks the two-dimensional barrier and employs three-dimensional mixed media.

SCULPTURE – three –dimensional art work created by shaping or combining different materials, such as metal, clay, polymers, stone, glass or wood.

ACQUIRE: Any of the Plates, Reliefs, or Sculptures can be made to order, in any size, finish, or frame. David also does commissioned art, from creating a unique mantel or transforming a whole wall, your home can be the canvas!

There are no molds or copies involved. You will receive an original work of art, made by the Artist to your specifications.

For additional information contact dshapoff@hotmail.com