David Shapoff



Artist, author, film director and producer David Shapoff was born in Odessa, Ukraine. 

During the 1960s and 70s, David Shapoff rose to prominence as producer-director TV program – including features, documentaries, and musicals.  As Mr. Shapoff’s artistic and personal horizons grew, he became one of the first successful film and TV  professionals to apply for emigration to USA. In 1973 Moscow granted his request, but at a terrible price – the entire catalogue of David Shapoff’s work was ordered destroyed by the state. 

After coming into the west, Mr. Shapoff moved from working in the two dimensions of film to the three dimensions of relief and sculpture.  Fine art continued to dominate David Shapoff’s passion and imagination and more works of sculpture and relief were emerging – but now with a fascinating new perspective.  David Shapoff began to translate his impressions of the painted works of his own artistic icons such as Amedeo Modigliani, Salvadore Dali, Marc Chagall and Toulouse Lautrec The effect of this powerfully expressive homage to those who inspired Mr. Shapoff is tantalizing – indelible images from great canvases suddenly rose into three dimensions.  The familiar play of light upon paint emerges as textures, shadows, and forms that we see in a whole new way.

 Mr. Shapoff’s work has been exhibited in both New York and southern California and can now be seen in San Diego.  Working in wood and mixed media, Mr. Shapoff’s work is somehow always fresh, spontaneous, and original, introspective or meditative, it always offers the certainty of triumph.